Signing Adventures

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Before your child can talk they can use their hands for simple signs and gestures. Signing Adventures strives to make it fun and easy to learn. 

Examples of children using sign language before they can talk.

Teaching simple gestures, or signs, to babies before they can talk is a way to jump-start language development and the communication process. It can also provide a host of related benefits, including increased vocabulary, a deeper parent-child bond, enhanced self-esteem and decreased frustrations from not being understood.

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Why teach sign language to babies and children?…Children tend to develop the ability to gesture far ahead of speaking words. For example most babies can wave bye-bye to Grandma and point to objects months before they can talk.


When my grand daughter Melody turned 8 months old, she could let her mother know she was thirsty for milk by pumping her fingers against her palm. When she cried, her mother would sign, “wet diaper?” and Melody stopped crying and gently smiled, knowing her needs would be met.  At 9-10 months, she is starting to use more hand gestures taught to her by her mother.

“It makes her feel that she’s more in control of the situation, it has given her the ability to make her own choices.”

There are 23 Signs you will learn watching Buster Breaks Loose, a sign language learning adventure for children.