Apraxia- Teaching Sign Language to Children part 3

This video is an example of a 2 year old with childhood Apraxia of speech. When he started speech therapy at about 20 months old, he had no real words. He didn’t say momma, daddy, or anything. He and his family were becoming very frustrated. Laike quickly learned several signs, (using baby versions of sign language as is typical of this age) while he also began learning strategies to learn how to verbally speak. Sign language was a “bridge” to his spoken language, giving him and his family a way to communicate. The end of the video shows him speaking fairly well at 3 years and 2 months.

Teaching Sign Language to Children, Part 2

JP, my little miracle! JP was born 1 pound 2 ounces. During heart surgery, his vocal nerve was cut leaving one vocal cord paralyzed. He could not even coo or babble. As an infant/toddler he began using sign language to help him communicate. This video also shows that as he grew, he was determined to talk. With one paralyzed vocal cord, other muscles in his larynx compensated to allow more and more vocalization. His voice will be different, but he continues to be clearer and clearer in his ability to be understood.

More photos of JP:

Teaching Sign Language to Children

There are many questions about teaching sign language to children. Some are addressed in the Q&A section of the website, which will be updated often as needed. This workshop was created to help understand why we do it and even how to teach signs to your children.


Earlier Projects

Several children worked with me to practice sign language using video. What fun! Kids love to see themselves on video, and watch themselves over and over again. They really learn the signs as they enjoy seeing themselves and their friends using sign language.