Signing Adventures

Maggie Dalmas Griffin MA,CCC-SLP

My love for sign language began as a teenager at church. I learned to sing worship songs in sign language, and it changed my life! I visited the deaf church as often as I could and began seeking a career to work with hearing impaired children. Living and working as a dorm parent at ENCSD was so natural for me, I couldn’t imagine doing anything differently. But my college degree took a turn toward Speech Language Pathology where I have worked for the past 26 years. Here, I learned how to incorporate sign language with neurologically impaired patients as well as young children with speech, language delays.

I love my job and for that, I am so grateful!

Many of my clients have been toddlers who could not communicate due to a variety of speech and language disorders. Frequently, these children are able to learn sign language as a fun, positive method to help them enjoy communicating while working on their speech. Currently, I work with older children who are also struggling to communicate.

The challenge isn’t only teaching the children to sign. Helping the families to learn sign language is equally important in order for this communication method to be effective. So, I started working with video to help teach families as well as the children to sign.

Buster Breaks Loose! is currently available as a computer download and teaches 23 simple signs using animal adventures. The DVD and smaller iPad, phone version will be available soon. 

The workshop, Teaching Children to Sign, is now available to view on this website under FAQ. It was designed for parents, teachers, assistants and friends to understand why and how to  teach children to signs.

The second children’s video is a project in the making. It was started several years ago as many clients were asking for “more signs!” It is time to remove it from the shelf and get it out there. This video also uses animal friends to make it fun for the children but will include many more signs. I’m looking forward adding this project as well as more workshop videos.

I’m so thankful for my funny and talented family and friends, and my patient, supportive husband who have shared in the making of these videos and give me hope that the rest of this project will soon be completed.